It is a common fact that investing in real estate is the best investment one can make. However, you are probably aware that prices in Eastern Suburbs are constantly changing. So, when the time comes to build up the value of your residence, you might get puzzled. Luckily, an experienced handyman like me can help you increase the value of your property with small-scale refurbishment steps. 

1. Painting

One of the easiest ways to make your home more desirable on the market is painting. This is a solution that will instantly improve the look of your house. From the living room to the shed in the backyard, painting can refresh and change the complete visual appeal of your home and add value to it. 

Bright colours are always a good choice, but you shouldn’t shy away from some darker shades if you are aiming at a specific style. Painting gives you a wide range of options, still, you should avoid those less eye-pleasing tones like fluorescent yellow or red. If you don’t find you’re crafty enough to choose the right colour tone by yourself, you can count on my professional painting service. I will give you suggestions and, if necessary, paint the walls, fence, and other parts of your property. 

2. Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

The bathroom and kitchen are two of the most important areas in the house, and you should pay them attention frequently. Damaged tiles and outdated appliances can make the value of your residence seriously drop. To make sure this doesn’t happen, upgrade your bathroom with modern tiling work or replace amenities like an old shower cabin or washbasin.

Remodelling kitchen is one of the large-scale housework that might include designers and take more time than you expected, still, it will seriously raise the price of your real estate. However, before you start with the work, you will have to compare the costs of it all with a realistic value that will be added. Check out the prices of material and installation, and do not make rash decisions. Instead, you can arrange the consultation with an experienced handyman like me, and together we will figure out what can be done within your budget. And whether you decide to change the floor or renew carpentry, you can rely on my services.

3. Reorganise the Space 

Adding the space to a certain room will truly change your entire view of the house. Sometimes it will be enough to make the area brighter. Other times you will actually have the opportunity to physically expand it by changing the placement of your furniture or even knocking down the walls that are blocking natural light. 

Open space will have a great effect on the way you look at your home and increase not only its price but also your life quality. It will make small houses feel fresh and light, and create an inviting feeling.

4. Replace Doors and Windows

If you feel comfortable with your finances, replacement of the old carpentry might be a good choice since it can raise the value of your house more than you could imagine. Besides that, your property will look completely different with new windows and doors. Even if you decide not to sell your property this will give you peace of mind since the carpentry in your home will seal properly, so you will not have any problems keeping it warm during winter and cool in summer. 

5. Updating Safety Features

Fire alarms, thermostats, security cameras, lighting and door locks, have a pretty big influence on your home worth. Still, if you are not tech-savvy you shouldn’t do that on your own. Whether you are installing smoke detectors or a new lock, I will be more than happy to help you.