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Paddington Handyman

Imagine if all the home repairs you need could be resolved with a single phone call, sounds like an excellent idea, isn’t it? I will be there to provide professional handyman services for you all over Paddington, and all you have to do is to contact me and schedule a visit.


From wall painting, kitchen cabinets repairs, furniture assembly, installation of smoke alarms, to plastering, flyscreens replacement or installation and many other things, I can take care of everything. I will help you maintain a fully functional home by providing long-lasting solutions of the highest quality.


No matter if you are improving your home, or you have bought a new property that you want to renovate, I will be there to ensure that all repairs and installations are finished on time. I pride myself on providing top-notch workmanship for small and medium projects, so whatever you need you can be sure that I will handle it successfully. When you decide to work with the Paddington Handyman like me, you can expect the highest level of professionalism and solutions tailored to your needs and budget. 


Paddington Handyman for Carpentry Service


One of my most requested services is carpentry. No matter if you need me to conduct decking or pergola repairs, install shelving units, create new kitchen cabinets or timber flooring, you can count on me. I use different types of wood, and we can discuss all details before I start working to make sure that my ideas match your requirements.


Feel free to share with me all special requests you might have, such as the type of finish you prefer (like rustic, or modern), the colour of the wood you prefer, dimensions, style of handles you would like installed and others. From repairs of your existing units to designing and creating new, custom ones, I will give my best to fulfil all your requirements.


The carpentry service that I provide is not limited to residential properties only. In case you need to refurbish your office furniture and shelving units, feel free to give me a call and together we will find the best solutions. 


Doors and Windows Refurbishment and Installation


If you want your doors and windows to protect you from different weather conditions, and still be a good add-on to your interior design, I am the Paddington handyman that will be there to help you. From the installation of new ones to repairs of the existing doors and windows, I will provide quality service and make them look and function smoothly.


Sometimes even the old carpentry looks good if it is adequately treated and repaired, so there is no need to spend a lot of money on the new one you may not even need. I can visit your place to check the doors and windows in your home or office and suggest to you the available options. 


I can paint them, replace a doorknob or a lock, or anything else you need, so don’t hesitate to contact me and we will discuss all details. I offer up-front pricing, so you can decide whether you want to repair your existing doors and windows or invest in new ones, everything is up to you. 


Tiling Paddington


If you have broken tiles, or you need to place new ones, one of the best things you can do is to contact me. Tiling is one more service that I provide, and whether you need it for your kitchen, bathroom, stairs or any other place in your home or commercial property, I can take care of it. 


Let me help you bring your property into a perfect condition and keep it that way for years to come.