Waverley Handyman

One of the greatest advantages of hiring a reputable handyman like me is that you get an exceptionally skilled individual who can deal with multiple different issues. From floor and tiles repairs and building and installations of carpentry, painting and much more, I am highly experienced and licensed to perform it all.

Another benefit is that I offer top-grade handyman services in Waverley for more than affordable rates. You can be sure that I will p[rvide honest and upfront pricing, and that there will be no hidden fees or additional costs. And finally, by hiring a professional handyman, you will save a lot of your precious time. Instead of spending a whole weekend on fixing, or more often, trying to fix an issue, you can leave everything to me and enjoy your free time as you wish.

Residential Handyman

Flooring and tiling are considered as major house refurbishments. You usually expect a lot of costs, noise, and mess left behind. What if I tell you that my way of doing things is exactly the opposite?

Firstly, I will do my best to repair what’s broken and save you some money on bigger renovations. If the replacement is necessary, I will provide valuable advice and suggest some approved and affordable suppliers in this area. When it comes to tiling, sometimes all you need to regain a perfectly looking bathroom or kitchen is just a tile regrouting. From the cleaning and colouring to grout replacing and sealing, I know all the modern methods to keep your tiles beautiful for a long time.

Choosing an adequate floor for your office or home is essential. Laminate is considered to be the best option for business premises since it’s durable and more resistant than a wooden floor. On the other hand, if you always dreamed of having a beautiful oak hardwood floor, I will gladly perform a flawless installation anytime. In case you need me for any floor repairs, don’t hesitate to give me a call today and I will get rid of any scratches, cracks and other damages.

Commercial Handyman

I highly respect my clients’ time. Doing my best to never waste a minute of it, I got recognition from various businesses. When you hire me for any office repairs and refurbishments, you can be sure that your employees won’t be bothered by any work I perform. Moreover, I will leave everything as found, so you will not be faced with any rubbish and other unpleasant surprises.

From soft and easy services like picture hanging, TV and speakers installation to those which require more time and focus like painting, doors and windows installation or flooring, you are already at the right place. I will make a customised offer with an exact deadline and respect it fully from the beginning until the end.

Turn to me for any door lock installation and ensure everyone a peace of mind. How about a quick alarm installation or repair, and pre-scheduled regular maintenance which keeps your premises safe at all times? In case you want to refresh the offices and include some creative painting with bold colours combination? I am used to thinking outside of the box, so you can entrust me with any imaginative task.

Your Trusted Handyman is Just a Few Clicks Away

The personal approach that I nurture with my clients allows me to learn valuable things daily. If there weren’t so many of you who awarded me with the utterly positive feedback, I probably wouldn’t be as motivated as I am. Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact me today and I will gladly answer all of your questions, and create a customised offer that will meet your needs.