Bondi Junction Handyman

No matter the size of your home, the maintenance of it can be quite exhausting. You may have the right tool and sufficient knowledge to deal with the matter yourself, but then the time could be an issue. On the other hand, it might be easier to leave to the professionals to do the job, but you are not sure who is most suitable for the job. Whatever is the case, keep in mind that you have an experienced handyman at your service for your business or home property right in your Bondi Junction neighbourhood.  

The variety of services I offer speaks for itself. From plastering, painting, carpentry and flooring to TV, speakers and smoke alarms installation, you will find the fitting offer that will solve the ongoing problem. Years of training and continuous personal development allowed me to gain the trust of numerous clients all around the Eastern Suburbs. 

Besides a high-quality service that I provide for every client, my advantage is that I work transparently and closely with you. My goal is to find the most adequate and affordable solution which will improve your property in every possible way.

Bondi Junction Picture Hanging Service

It may look like a simple task, but picture hanging requires some serious skill and knowledge of the wall material characteristics. For example, the concrete wall will react differently to the drilling process than the brick one. Also, the wiring system inside the walls must stay intact no matter what, since it may cause serious hazards if damaged.

When you hire a professional like me, you will ensure yourself perfectly positioned pictures alongside damage-free frames and walls. From a single painting to heavy or large mirrors, I can make perfect and highly creative arrangements alongside completely secured installations. No matter the height of the desired installation spot, I will perform the job without any hassle.

Besides residential properties, I offer picture hanging services for any commercial facilities too. I am an insured and licensed handyman, so you can rest assured that your expensive pieces of art or sentimentally valuable family portraits are handled by a skilled and competent professional. I work fast and without delays, so even if you lack time, give me a call today and I will finish the job within the deadline.

Prompt TV Mounting

Hanging the TV on the wall became trendy in the last few years, but besides being stylish, it is a very practical solution at the same time. It saves you some space and also allows you to adjust a TV on the right spot and watch it at a perfect angle. Also, it makes your TV safe from any damages caused by accidental spills.

If you want to be sure that you chose the right hanging solution, and the procedure was done flawlessly, you can simply give me a call today. No matter if you want a mount with a tilting option or a fixed one for your home or office, I will easily perform the job. It is utterly important to adjust the TV weight to the mounting selection to ensure yourself a well-attached and secured device. For all of this and more, rely on your trustworthy handyman.

Call Your Trustworthy Bondi Junction Handyman 

I offer a different handyman service to all my clients by dedicating all my focus and energy to their specific case. No matter if you need me for multiple tasks or a 15-minute job, I will meet your expectations. 

You can contact me today by sending a message via an online form . Whichever way suits you the best, I will be there to answer your questions and schedule a visit.