If you are first-time parents, the thing you will have to think about before you bring your newborn to your home is childproofing. Though this is a job that many dads like to do on their own, hiring a handyman has its benefits as well.

In the following text, I will introduce you to the most important things about making your home safe for your baby or toddler and how a professional can help you with that.

A Handyman Can Install Child Locks Properly

While your child is a baby, you will not have to worry about this as much. However, as soon as it becomes a toddler you will have to be sure you have child locks in every part of the house. All children like to explore, and you should make sure they do that in a space without any safety hazards. So, you should place child locks on doors, cabinets and other parts of your home your toddler may find interesting. 

Though installation of child locks for some of you may seem like a quick job, you should make sure to set them up correctly. This is where you will need professional help. If you have never installed this type of lock you may find yourself trying to set it up for the fifth time and getting frustrated by the entire process. On the other hand, for a handyman, this will not take more than a couple of minutes for one unit. He will help you check every lock and you will know for sure that everything is secure. If you don’t know where to ask for help about this, Friendly Handyman will be glad to take your call. 

He Can Present You Different Options to Secure Your Windows

When doors and cabinets are secured, the next logical step is to childproof your windows. You can either install a child lock on them as well or, in case you live in an older house, you can entirely replace them. In both cases, having a handyman by your side will be a good idea. He will be able to present you with the best solution for your home and do the job with precision.

A Professional Handyman can Build a Stabile Safety Construction for Stairs

One of the things you have to do while babyproofing your stairs is installing a safety gate. That is the best way to keep your child away from this place where they can easily get hurt. Also, another thing you should take care of when it comes to stairs is railings. Before you add a banister, you should check if there is a need for repairs. Maybe you will have to change the entire railings in order to install banisters. And, with the help of a trustworthy handyman, this can be done much quicker than if you decide to do it alone. Besides that, stable and firm construction is of the utmost importance here, so you shouldn’t leave it to chance.

He Can Quickly Locate and Remove Hazards in Your Kitchen

A kitchen is a place filled with hazards even for grown-ups and you want to make sure that everything is safe to use. And, when it comes to childproofing, you will have to put extra attention to this area. So, you will need latches on cupboards and drawers, safety gates and stove-knob covers. You will have to make sure your child is unable to reach any of the sharp and harmful items, as well as detergents and other cleaning supplies. 

Aside from that, you should hire a handyman to check your smoke detectors, or install one if you don’t already have one. An experienced professional like Friendly Handyman will provide you with the necessary testing and repairs. Though this might seem unnecessary for those of you who regularly maintain your smoke alarm system, you should not avoid it when you are babyproofing your home.

A Handyman Will Know How to Babyproof Your Bathroom

A bathroom is also a place where you need to be extra careful. To make it safe for your child, you should remove anything that might be harmful. Yes, you will need latches for the toilet, but there are other things to consider. For instance, damaged tiles can also be unsafe, especially if your child is just learning to walk. Wobbly or broken tile may cause them to trip and fall. A handyman will help you resolve this issue without much hassle. And, whether you need tiling or safety lock installation, I will be happy to help you make your home safe.