The autumn is coming and the winter is not far behind. So, the time has come to prepare your deck for the following season. In case this construction is newly added to your property, you might not be sure how to approach the preparation and where to begin. That can be very overwhelming, but luckily you can read the tips in this text that will help you make it all less bothersome.

Examine the Area Around the Deck

This is an important step for any type of housework. Before you start with the preparation you should check the area around the deck for potential issues. It is especially important to make sure that all of the pipes are unclogged and without any damages. Thus, look for any sign of leek and rust, and remove dirt, fungus and algae that may have got inside during summer. Also, check out the branches and shrubs surrounding your deck, and make sure that they are not thick enough to prevent air circulation.

Check the Wood and Construction

Inspecting your deck hardware is of the utmost importance when you are preparing it for the autumn weather. Carefully examine carpentry, railing, stairs and banisters for rust and corrosion. Check if there is a need to replace bolts and loose frames.

To test if the weather has affected the stairs, you should check if the railing is wiggling when you grab it. If that is the case, look at the way the post is connected to the rest of the construction and take further steps accordingly. If you are not sure how to repair this by yourself, the best solution is to leave this job to the professional.  You can count on Friendly Handyman to fix your loose railing or any other part of your wood deck quickly and efficiently.

Clean The Wood Deck Thoroughly and Protect It

Once you’ve examined surroundings and construction, it is time to clean the surface and remove everything unnecessary of the deck. Remove furniture or cover it to prevent potential damages. This is a type of protection that you should choose carefully and avoid cheap versions. On the contrary, you are risking the rain or snow coming through and ruining the furniture and other deck items.

Once you clean and clear everything, you should wash the deck to remove stains and dirt. Remove all leaves and check the space between the boards for moisture. To make sure it will last longer paint the wood over with a couple of layers of water-repellent finishes. That way you will avoid splitting and cracking, as well as some severe damages. If you need professional advice on how to protect the deck or any other type of wooden work on your property, do not hesitate to contact me at any time. I will provide you with all the important information and conduct the necessary work.

Test the Safety of the Area

You should recognize and avoid potential hazards, like using the space underneath your deck for storing firewood or items like barbecue. Make sure you practice safety habits and have in mind fire codes. Also, this space under the deck can attract different pests which can cause serious damage, so you should do what you can to prevent that.

However, nothing can negatively affect this space like water. For this reason, you should find a way to provide it with proper drainage. The simple solution would be to add some gravel under the deck. Still, just to be sure that everything is safe and secure, you should examine and clean this area frequently. And, if some bigger issue comes along, you can always give me a call and get professional handyman service no matter in which part of Eastern Suburbs you are located.