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Mirror Installation Eastern Suburbs Sydney

Adding mirrors in your home or business space can make space look bigger and increase the overall appeal of the room. Since mirrors are fragile and can be pretty heavy depending on their size, it could be very difficult and sometimes even risky installing them on your own.

If you were planning on improving the aesthetics of your space with mirrors, you can count on me to provide professional installation, no matter if it is a framed mirror or wall-to-wall one. I have experience in installing mirrors in different areas like gyms, bathrooms, beauty salons, as well as homes and other commercial properties. You just have to decide where you want your new mirror to be placed and I will take care of the rest. 

Unprofessional installation may make your mirror unstable, causing it to eventually slide off and break. That is why I suggest not to put yourself and other people occupying the space in danger, and schedule professional mirror installation that I provide across Eastern Suburbs Sydney.  

Professional Installation of Different Types of Mirrors 

As I mentioned above, I can install mirrors of different sizes and shapes. From framed ones mostly used in homes and restaurants to wardrobe mirrors, dance and martial arts studios mirrors, and others. 

I will know which type of hooks and dowels to use, and you can be sure that I will not damage your walls while drilling holes for your new mirror. In the case of small decorative pieces of mirrors, it is not necessary to use dowels, and they can be installed by using adequate sealants. 

I will bring everything necessary for the installation, so you will not have to worry about anything. I will measure everything carefully before I start and use a level to ensure that the mirror will be installed with the highest precision. 

Why Choose My Mirror Installation Service? 

The first and most important reason why people call me for mirror installation is the complexity of this process and many tools needed to get the job done properly. A professional handyman like me knows how to avoid scratching the glass, as well as chipping or breaking the frame. 

Every property has different types of walls, and I will know which installation techniques will work best in your specific case. Even if we are dealing with heavy mirrors, you can be sure that I will not leave your place until I am completely sure that the mirror is firmly attached and safe.

Even if you already had installed mirrors, but you need to take them off because of plastering or wall painting, I can do that, too. As soon as your walls are repaired and refreshed with new colours, I will be able to mount those mirrors back to the same spot or some other place that you choose.

Contact Me for More Information 

It has never been easier to implement modern accessories like mirrors to your interior than it is today. All you need to do is give me a call or send an enquiry through the online form that you can find on my website and schedule a visit. 

If you want to have precise information about how long the installation will last, how much it will cost, please send me details like size and shape of the mirror, does it have the frame or not, as well as the type of walls at your home or office, so I could provide an accurate answer.  

Feel free to ask me anything you want to know about this or general handyman services I provide all over Eastern Suburbs Sydney, and I will gladly reply.